Human Resources

We work with HRs every day to navigate certification and to assist their teacher candidates.

Region 13 ECP Programs and Offerings

Region 13 is proud to support educators in all phases of their careers. We offer certifications and trainings for aspiring substitutes, paraprofessionals, teachers, and district HRs. Our programs focus on providing high-quality instruction and we have received commendations from the state of Texas for the exemplary support that we provide in the Austin area and across the state. Our programs align with the vision of Region 13 to positively affect the future by leading educational innovation.

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HR Resources

Hiring teachers and navigating certification requirements can be one of the most challenging parts of working in education. We are happy to provide an intern-for-hire list, information regarding certification rules and regulations, and Texas Administrative Code changes that could impact the hiring process. 

If you would like the Region 13 Educator Certification Program to come out to your district and provide a HR training session on certification please reach out to Amy Walsh.

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Learn about the certification options and permits.

Certification Options

Let the Region 13 Educator Certification Program help you navigate the variety of certification options. Download this resource to guide you in which certification options are tracked by SBEC, the different types of permits, and how ECP can help your teacher candidates.

HR Certification Conversation

For an overview of the certification process and requirements, in regard to HRs, watch our Certification Conversation presentation, with ECP’s Project Coordinator, Amy Walsh.

Program Benefits


Learn about the certification process and requirements