Information Sessions

Attend an Info Session

Information Sessions are held throughout the year to provide detailed information about the Educator Certification Program (ECP). We offer in person or online information sessions. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming certified as a Texas teacher through our program is welcome to attend. Info sessions will cover:

  • Alternative certification processes
  • Specific program requirements
  • Program curriculum
  • Training schedules
  • Program fees


  • Conducted through Zoom, a free online meeting platform
  • Register in advance for live online sessions, an access link will be sent to you
  • Information sessions last about 1 hour with designated time for answering individual questions at the end
  • Facilitated by an ECP Education Specialist
  • If you cannot attend a live online session scroll down to view a pre-recorded session

Upcoming Sessions

Elementary and Special Education Certification

Info sessions will resume in August 2022, please view recorded info session below.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Accelerated Secondary (ASEC) Certification

Please view recorded info session below.

Pre-recorded Info Sessions

If you can’t attend a onsite or live online session, watch a pre-recorded information session by clicking the certification program below:

watch 17-month Programs pre-recorded info session video

Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education

watch CTE pre-recorded info session video

12 Month Program – CTE and ASEC

Career and Technical Education and Accelerated Secondary