About Us

ECP provides trusted, professional pathways to certification in order to develop accomplished educators who focus on student success and positively affect the future. 

Region 13 ECP

The Region 13 Educator Certification Program has been certifying teachers since 1992 through alternative certification. ECP has evolved and grown throughout the years by adapting to the legislative requirements and continually revising the curriculum to meet the needs of our future teachers. As a part of a regional service center, ECP implements research-based trends and practices in the field of education and understands the connection between research and the application of that research in classrooms.  

Region 13 is one of twenty service centers that serve the Texas’ educational needs.  We collaborate with our schools and communities to promote quality instruction in order to maximize student performance. We serve as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the local school districts and the schools they serve by disseminating information, conducting training and consultation for both federal and state programs.

Meet Our Team

Jill Abernathy

Jill Abernathy

Career & Technical Education Specialist / Program Manager

Jill Abernathy’s educational experience has been centered around recruiting and growing quality teachers. She is motivated by the idea that all students deserve teachers who are prepared for the rewards and challenges of educating diverse student populations and who recognize the power of education within communities. She is passionate about growing and supporting Career and Technical Education by helping others to navigate a path from industry or post-secondary education to teacher certification.

Elisha Grossenbacher

Special Education and Paraprofessional Education Specialist

Elisha Grossenbacher has passionately served in the field of special education for 16+ years.  She believes in the power of yet and knows that with the right mindset, anything is possible. Her goal is to support all learners by providing appropriate access and removing barriers to ensure everyone reaches their full potential. She holds educators in the highest regard and is elated to have the opportunity to support them as they grow their teaching craft and seek their certifications.

Sarah Jones

Certification Officer

Sarah Jones is passionate about education and supporting teachers while they obtain their certification. She believes that children are our future, if we teach them well and let them lead the way. Her goal is to ensure that each perspective teacher has a smooth process following state guidelines while achieving their standard certificate.

Gabriela Lara

Elementary and Bilingual Education Specialist

Dr. Gabriela Duron-Lara has 18+ years of serving in public education. She is a servant leader with a passion for developing new-to-profession educators through coaching and mentoring. Dr. Lara believes that teacher effectiveness begins with learning and implementing research-based instructional practices. She is dedicated to developing teachers in curriculum and instruction to meet all students’ academic achievement, social-emotional development, and second language acquisition.

Pam Pate

Secondary Education Specialist / Program Manager

Pam Pate believes that becoming a teacher is a journey, with exciting and challenging experiences at every step. She is privileged to guide new teachers on this life-changing journey, and she is passionate about helping them become effective educators for all students.

Zenaida Peña

Program Assistant

Zenaida Peña’s professional experience has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service to all clients. Whether you are applying to our certification program or simply have questions about what we do. Her passion is to streamline the process and provide a memorable experience throughout the duration of our program and beyond.

Jill Abernathy

Lisa Pfluger

Career & Technical Education Specialist

Lisa Pfluger’s industry and educational experience has always driven her to bring relevant real world opportunities to the classroom. Guiding new educators from many different pathways, through certification and into the classroom excites her. She is passionate about promoting the growth of Career and Technology Education, while helping others experience the rewards of working with students, and helping them grow in academic promise.

Mary Retzloff

Project Specialist / Budget Manager

Mary Retzloff is passionate about education. She is dedicated to supporting current interns and future teachers in any way. Her goal is to assist them in understanding the process of becoming a teacher so they are able to be successful in reaching their goal.

Amy Walsh

ECP Coordinator

Amy Walsh believes that a positive growth mindset creates a classroom culture where teachers can shine and students thrive socially and academically. Her goal is to provide new Career and Technical teachers with the foundational tools needed to bridge the gap between their industry skills and the developmental needs of secondary students in today’s classrooms.

Megan Wilky

Online Learning Specialist

Megan Wilky is dedicated to helping future educators obtain teacher certification. Her role is to support aspiring teachers as they navigate and complete the online courses that will prepare them for certification exams and the classroom. It is Megan’s past experiences and admiration for educators that inspires her to support and encourage future teachers each day.