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The All Content Accelerated Program (ACAP) is a 12-15 month program designed for those who have already passed a Pre-admission Content Test (PACT) and have experience working in a school setting. Because ACAP participants have already passed a content test they are able to receive accelerated instruction in the Texas Educator Standards including content, instructional design, delivery, classroom management, and professionalism.

Candidates for this accelerated program must have documented work experience in a school setting from within the last two years, within the age level that matches their certification area, in a public or private school that is accredited or approved by TEA. Experience can include employment as a paraprofessional, instructional aide, school tutor, or substitute, serving in a capacity in which the majority of their time is spent assisting certified teachers in instructional activities. Details and professional references from your work experience in a school setting must be provided in the application.

The All Content Accelerated Program (ACAP) has three admission cycles occurring from February – June. Participants applying to the first two admission cycles will prepare for content TExES Exams while simultaneously securing their own teaching position. The final admission cycle is reserved for those pursuing secondary or EC-12 certification only and can show high proficiency in their content area. Instruction to prepare for the first days with students begins mid-July.

All Content Accelerated Certification Options

ESL Core Subjects

The ESL Core Subjects EC-6 certification area will allow a participant to teach English language arts and reading (ELAR), math, science, social studies, music, art, health and physical education, in Early Childhood (EC) through Grade 6 to English learners.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Supplemental exam can be added to a certification area to help participants learn the foundations of ESL education, cultural awareness, family and community involvement, language concepts, language acquisition, and ESL instructional strategies to use in the classroom.

Bilingual Core Subjects

The Bilingual Core Subjects certification area allows participants demonstrating proficiency in Spanish to teach English language arts and reading (ELAR), Spanish language arts and reading (SLAR), math, science, social studies, music, art, health and physical education in Early Childhood (EC) through Grade 6, in a bilingual environment. 

Dual Certification

The Dual Certification allows a participant to become certified in bilingual core subjects EC-6 and special education EC-12.

Middle Level

The middle level certification area will allow a participant to teach various subject areas in grades 4-8. Subject areas include math, science, social studies or English language arts and reading.

Secondary Level

The secondary level certification area will allow a participant to teach various subject areas in grades 7-12.

All Level

The all level certification area will allow a participant to teach various subject areas in grades EC-12. Subject areas include art, physical education, dance, music, theatre, and languages other than English (LOTE).

Special Education EC-12

The Special Education (SPED) EC-12 certification area will allow a participant to teach in a variety of classroom settings in Early Childhood (EC) through grade 12. These classroom settings include preschool program for children with disabilities (PPCD), life skills, resource, inclusion and behavior programs. Content areas available for SPED certification are core subjects EC-6, core subjects 4-8, English language arts and reading 7-12, and math 7-12.

Certification Options

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Program Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Candidates must have a degree earned from and conferred by an accredited institution of higher education.

Min 2.5 Grade Point Average

Minimum 2.5 GPA on all coursework or 2.75 in the last 60 semester hours of completed coursework.

Official College Transcripts

Request your official transcripts be sent to the ECP office.

Pre-Admission Content Test

Applicants for this cycle must submit evidence of a passing score on the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT).

Work Experience

Candidates must have documented work experience in a school setting from within the last two years.


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Our certification program curriculum is aligned with Texas Education Agency standards and educational best practices.  All curriculum is taught by certified staff and content area experts.


About 2/3 of our classes are face-to-face and 1/3 of our classes are online. Participants employed by schools within the Region 13 service area, as well as those from schools within a 100-mile radius of Austin, attend classes at the Education Service Center Region 13 in Austin.

Participants will be required to attend training that will continue to build on instruction learned during pre-service training. 

In addition to the pre-service training, ACA program participants will receive training specific to their certification program which includes:
  • delivering engaging instruction
  • integrating content specific strategies into lesson design
  • developing and using student assessments
  • understanding student diversity and instructional differentiation
  • preparing for formal classroom observations
  • preparing for TExES PPR exam
  • preparing for TExES content exams
  • implementing Marzano’s high yield strategies
  • developing and using a variety of questioning strategies
  • integrating the core principles from The Fundamental Five


In the Secondary certification program, technology is an integral part of curriculum and instruction. Our program emphasizes:
  • incorporating the effective use of current technology in instruction
  • evaluating students’ technologically produced products and projects
  • utilizing technology applications in problem-solving situations and project-based learning activities
  • using developmentally appropriate instructional practices, activities, and materials to integrate the Technology Applications TEKS into the curriculum
  • managing technology platforms to increase communication with student families on academic and behavior progress

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